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TruGreen Tea – Sifono4 Branding

Project Challenge

TruGreen Tea is created by an independent provider and may be arguably one of the best tasting tea’s, soon to come to market. With the finest imported and some domestic leaves and other ingredients, this product will never be described as lightly flavored water. The aroma is intoxicating and the flavor is rich beyond any tea I have experience.

Before TruGreen Tea goes to market for the first time, they wanted to make sure they had a professional look and feel. The highest priority was packaging for their assorted teas package, but they insisted that this not be a one-off design. Because the creators, Jon Simsin and Corey Alstead felt that their tea would be the highest quality options in the tea market, they wanted to make sure their branding reflected that same level of quality.

The challenge was to create rich and classy looking designs while still looking affordable. This caused us to stay away from any elements that may appear flashy and focus on the richness of the ingredients themselves. Clean photography of multiple ingredients made the packaging perfect for an assorted tea packaging design. Although there were other design elements such as Facebook ads, email designs and more that followed these brand standards, this was the most prominent piece of the project.

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