Understanding who your audience is, how to connect with them, how to position your products and services, through what channels you will communicate and more is all so important to the growth of your organization. Without a plan of attack, you will find yourself putting energy into efforts that don’t deliver a measurable return. Create a plan that will guide you to goal driven success.

  • Basic Plan
    • Business Overview
    • S.W.O.T Analysis
    • Product & Services
    • Target Market Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Advertisement & Sales Strategy
    • PDF Print Ready Files
  • Pro Plan
    Most Popular
    • Includes "Basic Plan" services
    • Sales and Marketing Personnel
    • Future (Vision, Mission, Goals)
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Marketing Finances
    • Final PDF Files
  • Exec Plan
    • Includes "Pro Plan" Services
    • Monitoring Plan
    • PDF Print Ready Files
    • 2 Monthly Marketing Audits
    • 2 Hours of Consultation
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